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When Extreme is Your Life

We are the team of young professionals, a network of sports instructors and sports experts. We do different kinds of sports and activities and we are inspired by people who reach out and catch their dreams.

We arrange adventure day trips and weekend plans for groups and individuals. Extreme Sports is aiming at people who love nature and adventure, they want to explore and experience more of our beautiful country.

Discover with us the unknown, the other side of World and plan your favourite activity. Daily tours or multiple days plans with mixed activities can be arranged upon request. Family plans, teambuilding activities, corporate activity plans. We invite you to join us οn the adventure.

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Fun Facts About Us

Tour Types

Our tours for both beginners and professionals. You can choose the most optimal tips for you, depending on the duration and complexity.

Riders Every Year

With our team you have a unique opportunity to get new experience, improve your skills and create new challenges every day.

About Us

This is Our Crazy Team

Mac Ckrevsky
Andriy K
Isaiah Haynes
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